Who we are?
What we do?

We are a marketing agency which is primarily interested in effectiveness. We choose the right tools, we have first-class ideas and knowledge about customers, extensive strategic and analytical experience. 


Above all, we make sure that our clients earn and achieve their marketing goals.


We are a marketing agency which places great emphasis on effective strategies. We believe that only well-thought-out and properly planned activities can effectively achieve our clients’ business goals. We have many years of experience and competence on a lot of levels, from public relations, through branding and performance marketing. We work for both startups and large corporations.


We are a marketing agency which strives primarily for the effectiveness of operations. We care about the EFFICIENCY of activities. We like challenges that require EFFICIENCY

We use the knowledge and experience from recognised specialists who won many prestigious industry competitions such as Effie, Kreatura and KTR.


By submitting your project to us, you can count on the full professionalism of recognized specialists. We will use their talents and jointly perform an audit, create a brand, prepare a campaign and we will amaze you …. maybe even the whole world!


We are MOOQ – Think & Make.

About us
Audits, surveys, analyzes

Audits, surveys, analyzes

We will conduct marketing audits and verify the success of your business. We will analyze the market, customer preferences and behavior, check and examine competition, assessing their level of effectiveness and efficiency. We will help you find the distinguishing feature of your company. Based on extensive research and analysis, we will create a marketing action plan and show you what actions should be taken to implement your idea.

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies

We will identify all recipients of your business, meet the competition and marketing goals. We will show you how to stand out on the market. We will help in effective communication with your clients and identify the tools with which you will reach them effectively! We create strategies for both individual clients, companies and public figures.

Product development and service design

Product development and service design

We put customer experience first and look at your product / service with a fresh eye. We work using the effective Design Thinking tools, thanks to which you will learn how to think about business remarkably (outside the box). We operate on a project basis, using knowledge from various fields. A good plan and project are essential. We will accelerate your path to success!

Design and creation

Design and creation

"Fine feathers make fine birds’’, that's why in creating projects we focus not only on efficiency, but also on the effectiveness of creation. We don’t stay away from the latest trends and know what image your brand should be. We will invent key visual products / services, create a logotype and brandbook, develop advertising materials, design packaging, animate and design gadgets.

Public Relations

Public Relations

There is only one good impression. We will take care of the positive image of your product or brand. Using the right tools, we will reach your recipients and develop a communication plan. We will create a dedicated media base and keep in touch with the media. We will prepare a crisis PR plan and act when you need it.

<span>Influencer marketing</span> <span>Content marketing</span> <span>Social media</span>

Influencer marketing Content marketing Social media

We develop an effective promotion and campaign in social media. We will select the right tools and channels and ensure that "likes" not only look good on your fanpage, but above all translate into increased sales of your product or service. We will strategically approach each of these tasks and create texts that are absorbed in one breath. We work with influencers and effectively manage your brand on the web.

Performance marketing

Performance marketing

We develop activities that will encourage your audience to be more active. We will convince them that it’s worth investing in your project. We are interested in numbers and that’s why we rely on hard data that will lead you to your goal. Thanks to us, every zloty spent on advertising will be effective! We will increase the efficiency of your business.

Event marketing

Event marketing

We will organize an event that strengthen your market position and bring the participants' experience to the highest level. Using event marketing, we present or consolidate the image of your brand or product. We will show original ideas, take care of logistics and make your event to be remembered for a very long time. Our scenario will surprise you!

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We assume that our many years of theoretical and practical experience should be brought to light. We don’t hide knowledge in a drawer. We want to inspire, but above all educate. Our offer includes trainings and workshops in many fields. We cut them all to meet the individual needs of our clients ... and we know each other's needs like no one else!

Training / Workshops

We created MOOQ ACADEMY to transfer practical knowledge based on strong theoretical basics. We know that we do it well and that is why we are constantly developing our offer.


Sample training topics:

·  Building brand strategy and brand communication

·  Activities in social media

·  Design thinking / Service design

·  Employer branding

·  Personal branding


What do our trainings look like?


They are always matched to the individual needs of the client, both for individuals and companies. Based on the conversation with the client, we suggest the scope and objectives of the training – together we create a strategy, we use modern teaching methods.


What makes us stand out?

·  Individual approach to client

·  Knowledge / practice-based knowledge

·  Business consulting included in the training

·  Proven tools

·  Goal orientation
Expand your competences with MOOQ ACADEMY!

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In the marketing industry for over 12 years. He cooperated in research and marketing strategies with the largest Polish and foreign brands. As the main analyst of the Nasza Klasa portal, he was responsible for obtaining and collecting information about portal users and marketing analyzes. Associated with the Added Value company (currently KANTAR), the largest strategic agency in the world. He also worked with Polish agencies, while working in one of them he received the Media & Marketing magazine award for the best-rated strategy department in Poland among non-network agencies.
Author and co-author of many publications, including IAB strategic reports. A speaker at many industry conferences and a trainer in marketing knowledge. One of the few Polish experts in the field of marketing intelligence. Academic lecturer.

Michał Pawlik - CEO


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